Call For Example Courses

ACM Data Science Task Force

Why example courses

The ACM Data Science Task Force (ACM-DSTF) is seeking examples of courses and curricula from the broader community. This open process will better connect the ACM-DSTF "Body of Knowledge" to real, existing approaches representing diverse and innovative ways to teach data science at the undergraduate level.

Including example courses and curricula as part of an ACM-sponsored curriculum effort is not new. It was introduced and implemented first as part of the ACM/IEEE-CS CS2013 guidelines. Real example courses and curricula (rather than stylized model courses) can be of great value to those (re-)designing courses of their own, and so we have adopted this practice for data science.

To give a full sense of the diverse ways to teach the material in the Body of Knowledge (BoK), we anticipate we will accept at least a few dozen example courses. For each core (tier 1) competency in the BoK, we expect to have a few examples of courses that implement it.

How to submit an example course for review

We are seeking a mapping showing how an individual course satisfies competencies from at least one computing discipline-specific Knowledge Area from the BoK (say, for example, Machine Learning or Big Data Systems). For each course we are additionally seeking an articulation of broader, interdisciplinary course competencies that may not be computing-based.

We have created a MS Word template to facilitate collecting the desired information. Filling out the template should take 30-60 minutes. Please map your example course against the Draft 2 ACM-DSTF guidelines.

Please send example course submissions (completed template files) via email to


Review of submitted courses will continue through August 2020.